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LMPC97+, it's a laser ? ?


Lasers use light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation, i.e. coherent light in which all photons are in phase. As a result, lasers can transport and concentrate a very large amount of light energy, hence their potential danger. Despite their many possibilities, lasers are man-made light, not natural light, so they do not exist in nature!

LMPC97+ reproduces the circular polarised light that reaches us on earth, so it is natural light produced by nature. It doesn’t function like a laser, and it cannot cut, destroy, burn, or operate. The circular wave carrying biological and therapeutic information contains very little level, so it is perfectly suited to our biological systems.

LMPC97+, it's intense pulsed light ?


Pulsed light is a ‘classic’ polychromatic light, like that produced by a large light bulb, but with a higher energy level. Depending on its power, colour and the number of flashes emitted, it is a light that heats or “burns”!
This heating effect is mainly used for hair removal by destroying the hair and the bulb, and for photorejuvenation by “heating” the collagen to stimulate the production of new collagen.

LMPC97+ is a low power light.
It has no direct thermal effect and cannot cause burns or destroy tissue. Its mode of action is physiological by stimulating all the biological mechanisms.
LMPC97+ is not limited in the use of colours and is therefore not restricted to a few applications. It thus offers scope for many types of care.

LMPC97+, it's light therapy ?


Light therapy consists of exposing oneself to artificial white light, like that of the sun, but without ultra-violet or infrared, to stimulate the production of melatonin visually in order to regulate the internal clock disorders responsible for seasonal depression due to the lack of natural light in winter. Today, light therapy has become a more generic term, and is no longer limited to the treatment of depression.
It is not about the use of light as a form of care or treatment.

LMPC97+ is therefore not light therapy in the original sense of the word, as it does not involve standing in front of a white light source to stimulate the production of melatonin.
LMPC97+ uses different wavelengths of light that are projected onto the body or onto a specific area of the body, and it is not only suitable for seasonal depression. LMPC97+ uses different wavelengths that are projected on the body areas or on
the points of the photonic networks (acupuncture meridians). Its mode of action is not limited to the production of melatonin: it encompasses all the physiological processes of our biological homeostasis (balance), including our internal clocks.

LMPC97+ it's phototherapy or chromotherapy ?

YES, in the generic sens of the term.

Any therapy using light or colour is part of the phototherapy, or chromotherapy. There is also dynamic phototherapy, used in medicine, for the treatment of certain pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions.
Of a single colour (monochromatic) or of several colours (polychromatic) or polarised in a straight line. All the waves emitted are in a single plane of space, in “2D”.

Unlike all these lights, LMPC97+ is a circular polarised light, it is the one and only 3D light. The only one that can claim a “key-lock” action (stereochemistry), the only one that can claim chiral properties (asymmetry of molecules), which are the very principles of the origin of life. This is the fundamental difference.


LMPC97+, it's a scalar wave ?


Scalar waves are waves that propagate in vortexes, unlike electromagnetic waves (including light) which propagate in sinusoids. Scalar waves exist abundantly in nature.
They are generated by our entire environment: the cosmos, the planets, the stars, the earth, rocks, trees, and even from living beings.
Scalar waves resonate between the emitting source and the receiver, their beneficial or therapeutic effects stemming from the “transfer” of information to the person placed between them. A bit like transferring data between two telephones by Wi-Fi, but here it is the person who ‘passively’ receives the data.
Therefore, scalar waves alone do not heal.

Unlike scalar waves, LMPC97+ has an intrinsic therapeutic potential encoded in the form of bioelectronic potentials. When interacting with acupuncture points, information is transferred via the transformation of the circular light wave into an optoelectronic vortex, which then diffuses the signals through the energy networks towards the target receivers. The quality of resonance and coherence is expressed by a minimum circularity of 97% and by the high frequency precision (very low bandwidth) of the different colours. So in the ‘cocktail’ of all the waves we receive from our environment, circular polarisation appears to be the most efficient way of transmitting the information that living systems need, without any risk of ‘pollution’ or interference with other external signals.

What makes LMPC97+ different from other phototherapiy or chromotherapy?

This is primarily due to the type of light used. The LMPC97+ technology uses circular polarized light. To our knowledge, there is no other method of phototherapy or chromotherapy that uses this type of circular polarized light.

These visible light processes used in phototherapy and chromotherapy are limited in their applications by their limited penetration into biological tissue, which does not go beyond 2mm. Only the red and near-infrared rays located between 700 and 1000 nm can penetrate beyond a centimeter. It is in this area of the spectrum that the overall absorption of biological tissues is minimal; it is also called the therapeutic window. Outside the therapeutic window, light rays are strongly absorbed and very weakly scattered by the tissues, which prevents them from penetrating deeply. These absorption and scattering properties are mainly explained by the composition and magneto-optical properties of biological tissues.

Biological tissues are made up of a large number of structures, of different sizes and shapes, which prevent the light from propagating in a straight line and thus limit its penetration in depth. After experimentation, low energy circularly polarized monochromatic light (LMPC) seems to be the only form of light with magneto-optical properties, with a rotational component, allowing it to penetrate deep into biological tissues.

Experiments carried out on ex-vivo skin cultures (GREDECO-la Salpêtrière-Paris) show, among other things, that circular polarized light favors a spatial organization, in “3D” of biological components. While other types of light provide energy that can be used by the cell, such as for photosynthesis in plants, they do not seem to have this property of three-dimensional organization at the level of biological tissues.

This is also a fundamental difference, because this structural organization “in 3 D” allows the functional dynamics of biological molecules and it is expressed by chirality.

Chirality is a signature of the living world, which Pasteur foresaw when he stated in 1883: “life is dominated by dissymmetrical actions whose enveloping and cosmic existence we sense. I even feel that all living species are primordially, in their structure, in their external forms, functions of cosmic dissymmetry”.

We know today that the only form of visible light capable of interacting with chirality is circular polarized light.

We can therefore argue that circularly polarized light is the form of light used by living systems to regulate and organize all the workings of their physiology and biology.

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