Our optimum product: The 1st system in the world to access the performance of circular polarized light

A LED-driven device that emits light between 400nm and 700nm.

Technical characteristics :

Light source and supply: LED.
Power supply: battery
Total power: 12V 0.2A
Compliant with CE standards

100% of the manufacturing process and development of the
OPTIMUM product is made in France.

The reliability and performance of our product are ensured
by a French laboratory, specialized in the qualification
and reliability of optoelectronic components and subsystems,
photonics, optics and electronics.

OPTIMUM devices :

  • Easy to use, autonomous, energy-efficient devices.
  • LMPCP97+ holds a certificate and patent for creating a light signal with a circularity of 97% minimum.
  • The technological innovation lies mainly in the quality of circular signal restitution. The level of circularity obtained regularly approaches 99%, which has proven to be decisive in clinical outcomes.
  • A certificate guaranteeing the perfect circularity of the light is delivered with each stylus.

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