After two sessions of LMPC97+.

Avant traitement

Après traitement avec la LMPC97+

Avant traitement

Après traitement avec la LMPC97+


after one session of LMPC97+.

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Après traitement avec la LMPC97+

Raynaud's syndrome with major vasomotor symptoms.

These disorders appeared following a cervical trauma during a car accident, and persisted for six months. 90% of them regressed under LMPC97+ treatment.

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Après traitement avec la LMPC97+


After one sessions of LMPC97+.

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Après traitement avec la LMPC97+


After two sessions of LMPC97+.

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Après traitement avec la LMPC97+

Photos of Alexis

When he started treatment in June After the first session his impetigo reduced in 48 hours. And photos from October when he was doing very well. Sincerely Mrs G

Burn with caramel

After 4 sessions with LMPC97+. Photo 2 after 1 session Photo 3 after 2 session Photo 4 after 3 and 4 sessions

Injury after fall, 1 session of LMPC97+.

Photo 2: 24 hours later, on a teenager with scarring problems.

A friend told me about the technique developed by Dr LOONES.

Being a curious person and with periarthritis gnawing away at me, I made an appointment. I didn't really know what it was about. I had only heard of pulsed white light acupuncture.

From the very first session of LMPC97+, which was perfectly comfortable, I experienced an overall calmness and feeling of relief from body tension. From the very first session, I recovered mobility in my left arm!

I decided to schedule an appointment every 5 to 6 weeks and was thus able to gradually make a physical and moral recovery. I have recovered my muscle strength, something unthinkable a year ago. My fibromyalgia had weakened me, and I could barely hold a water bottle.



Anne C

Seven "personal" reasons to believe in LMPC97+ biophototherapy

after 2 years of follow-up:

-improvement of osteoporosis

-disappearance of diffuse pain

-immunity recovered after frequent episodes of sore throat

-better circulation (disappearance of left internal varicose veins and other small problems)

-reduced inflammation (bacterial toxins, fungi)

-acidic PH balance restored

-benefits for the skin

thanks you


No more tiredness, no more insomnia, and my depression has gone. An overall feeling of well-being.

Thank you








Relaxation, a feeling of calm, and my fears and worries have diminished: that’s how I would summarise my experience with LMPC97+.


It's fabulous.

I consulted Dr Loones for my multiple sclerosis. Result: 10 years and only two flares that were controlled by LMPC, with no side-effects.

Ana Marie

Operation avoided and recovery.

Having a severe right brachial neurological deficit due to cervical radiculopathy and a motor deficit, I had about 20 sessions. The effects were immediate, and I recovered more than 60% of capacity in my hand. I now have less back pain. I was supposed to have an operation, but the surgeon and I cancelled it.

Michel. G

I have been walking normally for more than 10 years.

I have osteoarthritis and cruralgia, and I had difficulty walking. Thanks to LMPC, I have been walking normally for more than 10 years.


I take care of myself with Biophototherapy.

I tried biophototherapy to strengthen my immune system and feel better. I used to get ill a lot. I have about 4 to 6 sessions a year and I’m boosted and ready to face the seasons


A must have after my travels.

I travel a lot and jet lag has a big impact on my health and my morale. I was finding it increasingly difficult to recover. I discovered LMPC and I loved it! From the very first session, I felt reboosted, reset. My brain felt much clearer.


I now come back every two months: a really new routine for me.

As a mother of four, I was having a hard time recovering from my last delivery. My body wasn’t recovering well, I had had a caesarean section that was still hurting, and the scar was not very pretty and was painful. I was feeling very tired. A friend told me about LMPC. After the first session, I felt in good spirits, somehow lightened and re-energised! I had been out of sorts for long time, and my family noticed the difference as soon as I got home.

After 3 sessions I saw my scar change. It became almost invisible, no longer red and the pain was gone!




My life has returned to normal.

I have Lyme disease and my immune system just wasn’t working properly. For a long time, I had been getting sick. Sometimes it lasted and I couldn’t cope. It was exhausting and I never felt at my best.

While looking for alternative treatments and having lost hope after trying several therapies, I came across Dr Loones’ practice which uses LMPC97+ technology. I decided to make an appointment. I was immediately given a reassuring and hopeful diagnosis that my condition could be corrected and that it was possible to help and resynchronise my immune system and my overall system. After a few sessions, I feel like my body has recovered its ability to regulate and heal itself. I feel stronger and I no longer fall ill for no apparent reason. My life has returned to normal.


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