Optimum energy Restore and maintain the physical, psychological
and psychic balance

The phenomenon of resetting the body underpins the mode of action of Optimum Energy, for a complete revitalization and well-being.


Interactions that progressively unbalance our well-being and health


Altered internal biological frequencies knocked out of kilter, which our organism can progressively no longer correct


Fatigue, stress, illness, depression, anxiety : the body needs help to regain full health


LMP97+ targets and corrects the imbalanced system and allows it to regain its
capacity for self-regulation.

How does Optimum Energy work?

Ce phénomène de remise à niveau constitue le cœur du mécanisme d’action de L’Optimum énergétique

The organism ‘reboots’ its natural defences; the body gradually recovers its means; fatigue and dysfunction abate; morale improves, and a state of overall well-being returns.

Discovering photonic man. Tomorrow’s medicine today.

Health thanks to light: using light on energy networks instead of needles.

Our bodies are made up of tens of trillions of cells, each of which can send and receive signals. The cells group together to form tissues and organs. In this way, each organ sends and receives signals.

Our bodies are also in constant interaction with our environment, so our skin, which is the interface between these different environments, plays a fundamental role in managing these information flows.

The signals that reach us are electromagnetic waves, mainly light, waves and photons. They carry an enormous amount of information that our body must manage, regulate, and synchronise to ensure all its biological functions and equilibrium.

For this purpose, our body uses a system like radio waves: a network of carrier waves that modulate and code all the signals, i.e. transform them into a suitable form so that they can be transmitted through specific channels.

These channels are those described in Chinese medicine, the energy meridians, which are microscopic biological optical fibres.

These energy channels are not visible on anatomical examination or on classical imaging. However, their existence is no longer in doubt, since numerous studies have demonstrated how biological and therapeutic activity is triggered when various points along their pathway are stimulated.

The BIODDP studies conducted by Dr Loones show that LMPC97+ is unquestionably the only effective form of light capable of transmitting signals to our entire system.

With LMPC97+, both the light and system circuits can communicate with an efficiency never achieved to date.

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